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Countries that I have worked in and visited




 Initiated a GIPI project in Algiers in January 2005.


 Attended the April 2005 ICANN meeting in Mar del Plata and ICANN meetings in Buenos Aires in 2013 and 2015.


 Visit as a tourist in 2006. Participated in ICANN meeting in June 2009.


 Several visits as a tourist and visits to attend professional meetings.


 Presented at NATO Seminar in Nakhchiavan in June 2009 in a conference on issues of connectivity to remote places. and attended ICANN meeting in 2012 in Baku.


 Undertook multiple missions for the InterAmerican Development Bank to recommend restructuring of the Statistical Office and the main government computing operation.


 Missions for the United Nations in 1981 to assess the progress of the Census of Population and Housing and to assist in solving a variety of processing problems, and in 1985 to design a project for the reform of the Bangladesh statistical system.


 Advised Central Statistical Office on transition to microcomputer based processing of national statistical data.


 Multiple visits as tourist and for various business purposes, including in May 2001 engaging members of the European Parliament and the business community for support of the Global Internet Policy Initiative. Keynote presentation on the implications of the mobile web for development at the European Commission in 2009, and additionally for ICANN meetings almost every year.


 Mission for the United Nations in 1975 to assess the data processing phase of the Census of Population and Housing and to design data entry procedures. In 1998, gave keynote speech in Cotonou at conference at which AFRINIC was formed.


 Tourist visit in 1994.


 Undertook 3 missions in late 1970's for the United Nations to assist in the operation of CENACO's DECSystem-10, to recommend improvements in the statistical data processing operations of the national statistical office, and to study the growth of information technology in the country and to make recommendations regarding national informatics policy.


 Advised Central Statistical Office in early 1980's regarding computational aspects of census of population and housing. Consulted with government officials and regional USAID staff on telecommunication harmonization and Internet policy in April 2003. Gave plenary presentation at African Internet Forum in 2016.


 Member of team of economists touring Brazil in 1974 at invitation of the government. Participation in the infoDev World Bank Symposium in 1998. participated in the ICANN meeting in December 2006 in Sao Paolo and in the 2nd Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007. Participated in professional meetings in 2014 and 2015.


 During February and March 2001, evaluated several projects for the World Bank, delivered keynote address at the Internet Fiesta Conference in Sofia, and for USAID consulted with ICT firms and related organizations regarding market enlargement and export strategies.

Appointed in 2002 to the President's Council on Information Technologies, and met with President Parvanov. Gave keynote speech at conference on eDevelopment in Southeast Europe.

In September 2003, managed Regional Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference in Sofia

In July 2006, partcipated in meeting of President's Council on Information Technologies,with meetings with President, Prime Minister, and Parliamentary Committees.

Burkina Faso

 Assisted in the start of a de-desertification project for the Web Foundation in 2010.


 Undertook short mission to Bujumbura for the United Nations to assist UN team in addressing data processing issues concerning the Census of Population and Housing


 Abundant visits since 1959 as a tourist and for professional meetings with Statistics Canada. In 1973, consulted for Statistics Canada in information organization. In 1995-96, as Vice-President for Conferences of the Internet Society, participated actively in monthly planning meetings in preparation for INET'96 in Montréal . Spoke at ISOC Francophonie 2002 Conference in Montréal in 2002 and at Canadian Internet Forum in 2015.

Cape Verde

 Visit in 1979 to install set of microcomputers for processing the 1980 Census of Population and Housing and train regarding their use.


 Delivered keynote speech at national computer conference in 1996


 Multiple visits aggregating 6 months during 1982-1986 for support of processing the Census of Population and Housing, installation of computer facilities in statistical institutes, and for co-teaching a class on information management systems. Worked in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xian, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Kunming.

Visits in 1999 to organize and co-teach a Chief Information Officer class in Shanghai. Participation in infoDev Symposium in Chongqing in 2002. Multiple professional visits since then during 2013-2015, including participation and speaking roles in the World Internet Conferences in Wuzhen in 2014 and 2015.


Participated in an ICANN meeting in Cartagena in 2010.

Costa Rica

Vacationed in 2011 and participated in an ICANN meeting in San Jose in 2012

Cote d'Ivoire

 Visit in 1975 to talk with computing equipment suppliers.


Delivered keynote speech to Croatia Research Users Conference, September 2002

Czech Republic

 Visits in 1970's to support United Nations project in Mongolia and to review Bratislava Statistical Institute. Several visits as tourist. In 1994, organized Internet Society Network Training Workshop at Czech Technical University in Prague, and participated in INET'94 and later technical and professional meetings.

Multiple visits as a tourist and for business in recent years.


 Visited as a tourist in 1994.


  Led UN mission to Ecuador in 1981 to assist in improving the use of computing machinery in the nationl statistical office.


Multiple visits in the 1980s to support computerization of the Cabinet Decision Support System. Several speaking and representation visits in the late 1990s and in 2003. Participated in ICANN meeting in Cairo in 2008, and in the Internet Governance Forum in Sharm el Sheikh in 2009.


Participation in ECA and World Bank conferences in Addis Ababa in 1988 and 1998, and in the IFIP WITFOR (World Information Technology Forum) Conference in 2007. Additional visits to ECA and participation in Africa-focused professioinal ICT meetings.


 Participated in ICANN meeting in Helsinki, 2016


Many visits to UNESCO for international business. Worked briefly at OECD in 1980. Other professional visits to INSEE, offices of the French government, the 1998 Fête de l'Internet, NYU in France, Internet meetings in Autrans, meetings with French suppliers of ICT equipment and services, and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Frequent visits as a tourist. Participated in ICANN meering in Paris in 2008. Visited at least once a year.


Participated in NATO Advanced Networking Workshop near Tbilisi in October 1999 and gave keynote speech. In April 2001, participated in UNDP Regional Meeting of Resident Representatives, giving keynote speech and two programmed discussions. Led regional group in exploring development strategies based on IT. Presented at NATO cybersecutiry conference in 2013.


 Multiple visits as a tourist and for business over many years, including United Nations activities, and as a speaker at GMD in Bonn in 1975. Attendance at high-level information security meetings in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Acquired German citizenship (dual) in January 2015.


 USAID mission in 1996 to the University of Ghana at Legon to design campus data network and plan implementation. Visit in 2003 to design high bandwidth education and research network connected to Europe as well as a national research and education network.

Assisted in the initiation of a mobile services training program for the Web Foundation in 2010.


 Participation in Iraq Press Law Conference, and preparation of guidelines for Iraq Internet policy in June 2003. Participation in USAID ANE ICT Coordinators' Meeting, 2004. Several tourist visits.


 Mission in 1978 to plan for Census of Population and Housing

Hong Kong

 Multiple visits to work with suppliers of information technology equipment for the region and for technical meetings. Visits as a tourist and transit stops. Recent visits for special ICANN meetings.


 Mission to review United Nations informatics training school in 1976. Several visits in late 1990s to participate in CEENET training workshops.


  Tourist in Iceland in 2016. Participated in ICANN non-contracted party house meeting in February 2017.


 Mission in 1984 to Central Water and Power Research Station in Pune to advise on supercomputer acquisition and computational strategies. Spoke in 2001 at a conference on strategies for extending the Internet to rural areas. Mission in 2004 to assist local GIPI coordinator in fund raising and external relations. Mission on behalf of ISOC in April 2005 to discuss Internet governance issues with members of Telecommunications Ministry and other government officials. Participated in IGF 2008 in Hyderabad, and in ICANN meting in Hyderabad in 2016.


  Participated in ICANN meeting in Bali in 2013.


 Participated in an ICANN Board workshop in Dublin in 2010 and in ICANN Annual General Meeting in October 2015.


 Represented the United Nations at IDRC sponsored meetings regarding development of bibliographic retrieval technology to support DEVSIS development


 Visited as tourist, short term work at FAO in 1988, presented Internet seminar in Rome in 1994.


 Multiple visits for discussing United Nations project needs with information technology suppliers. Guest of Japanese government in 1983 to tour information technology industry. Assisted with Internet Society workshop at Keio University in 2000 and participated in INET 2000. Professional meeetings and visits in 2013 and 2015 to Tokyo and Fukuoka. Several visits as a tourist.  


 Helped to plan a regional network training workshop in Amman in 1996. Facilitated meetings of the national heads of IT organizations in Arab countries and their formation of a regional IT association, and facilitated an initial seminar for Arab Telecommunications Regulators, both in March 2004.


  Visit in 2002 to visit GIPI project and discuss project with other in-country non-governmental organizations.


  Several visits to visit development projects, talk with equipment suppliers and to visit incipient academic Internet.

Participated in ICANN meeting in Nairobi in 2011, and participated and spoke at IGF 2011 later that year.


  Participated in the ICANN Annual General Meeting in October 2009. Professional technical visit in 2013. Spent time in Korea as a tourist

Kyrgyz Republic

  Visit in 2002 to work with GIPI project, meet with country coordinators in region, meet with government officials regarding technical assistance, and participate in the WSIS Pre-Prepcom Subregional Meeting at Lake Issyk-Kul. Visit in 2006 to perform study of redelegation of .kg country code top level domain.


  Participated and spoke at IGF 2010 in Vilnius in 2010


  Participated in ICANN meeting in July 2006.


  Spoke at CEENet policy workshops in Ohrid in 2000 and again in 2007.


  USAID mission in 2000 to visit 5 major universities and construct implementation plans for networking them and connecting them to the global Internet.


  Several visits for United Nations projects, implementing a computer plan for the demographic research institute at the University of Malaya. Organized and assisted at the Internet Society Network Training Workshop in 1997 and was in charge of INET'97 conference in Kuala Lumpur. Attended several conferences, and have visited as a tourist


 Visited in 1981 to trouble shoot new Data General mini-computer installation in government.


 Several visits in 1975 and 1977 to assist in implementation of new computer system for census of population and housing. Visited in 1999 to assess state of university networking plans and visit other projects. Participated in and spoke at Bamako 2000 Conference.


 Participated in and spoke at economic growth conference in Cuernavaca in 1971. Several visits as a tourist. Participated in the ICANN meeting in Mexico City in 2009.


  Spoke at 2015 Moldovan National ICT Conference and consulted with local civil society organizations.


 Backstopped United Nations project to install first computer, a Minsk-32, in Mongolian Statistical Office, and visited in 1974 to provide technical assistance.


 Visit in 1984 in support of United Nations project for upgrading computer systems in Department of Statistics. Participated in African Internet strategy meeting in 1997, and spoke at the Telecommunications Policy Workshop in 2002. Participated in ICANN meetings in Marrakech in 2006 and 2016.


 Participated in a mission in 2006 for SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) to study the state of and the needs of the ICT environment in Mozambique.

In 2009, with Stéphane Boyera, planned and implemented a regional workshop on mobile applications for development for the Web Foundation.


Three visits in 1984, 1989, and 1991 to support the census of population and housing, the overall national statistical organization, and to plan for a national computer center for government. 


 Many visits as a tourist, to participate in professional conferences, and to transact various kinds of business.

New Zealand

 Visited as a tourist in 1995, and participated in an ICANN meeting in Wellington in 2006.


Performed an assessmennt in August 2007 of the results of a SIDA-funded large scale project to introduce computing and networking into the four largest public universities in Nicaragua.


 Visited in 1975 to assist data processing aspects of the census of population and housing.


 Visited as a tourist in 1994, and on business in 2010.


Visited as a tourist in 1996.


 Visited in 1997, gave a speech to the President of Pakistan and delivered a course on internetworking at the Nathiagali Summer Institute in Islamabad.


 United Nations mission in 1977 to assist the PTT to introduce data base methodology in their operations.


 Mission in 1981 to assist in the acquisition and deployment of computer equipment for the Census of Population and Housing.


 Mission in 1977 to assess the state of the National Computer Institute and the National Computer Center and recommend changes, and to survey the state of information technology use in the country.


 Several missions in the late 1970s and in the early 1980s in connection with the processing of census data from Guinea-Bissau. Participation in an ICANN meeting in Lisbon in 2007.

Russian Federation

 Visit in 1974 to recruit experts for United Nations project in Mongolia.

In 1995, trip for International Science Foundation to assess Soros networking projects in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Novosibirsk. In 2002, hosted lunch for members of U.S. Congress and Duma members in Moscow and worked with Duma subcommittee regarding Internet law. In 2005, consulted with national GIPI coordinator, government officials and civil society leaders regarding Internet governance issues.

In 2008, spoke at Linux World Russia. In 2007and 2009, participated in semi-annual meetings of RANS (Russian Telecommunication Providers Association) at Vatutinki and made several presentations.

Participated in technical conference in Samara in 2010, and in Russian IGF conferences and meetings in Moscow in 2010 and 2011. Visited St. Petersburg as a tourist.


Mission in 1980 to trouble-shoot technical problems encountered in the processing of the census data. 


 Several missions during 1975-1984 to assist in census data processing, and study requirements for a geographic information system. Visit in 2003 to design high bandwidth education and research network connected to Europe as well as a national research and education network.

Participated in ICANN Annual General Meting in Dakar in 2011.


 Visit in 2004 to consult with GIPI national coordinator and government officials regarding GIPI reform activities. Participant in EBRD ICT workshop on small business and incubators in May 2005. In 2007, spent several weeks assessing the readiness of the country and the government for a major initiative in the introduction of e-government techniques and activities.

In 2009 participated and spoke in a workshop on the Internet and terrorism, hosted by OSCE.

Sierra Leone

 Mission in 1981 to assist on technical issues concerning the national computer center.


 Multiple visits to talk with suppliers of information technology equipment for the region and to convert demographic analysis programs to new computer platform. Several visits as a tourist.

Participated in ICANN meetings in 2011, 2013 and 2015.


 Visited to prepare for Internet Society conference INET'94


 Designed new National Computer Center for Somalia in 1985.


 Visited as a tourist in 1988. Participated in INET 2004 and GS1 strategy meetings in 2015 in Barcelona. 

South Africa

 Participated in and presented a paper at the South African Internet Forum in Pilanesberg, April 2003. Attended ICANN meeting in Capetown in 2004 and in Durban in 2013.

Performed technical consulting mission on behalf of .za in 2010

Sri Lanka

 Visit in 1984 to the University in connection with United Nations project in the Maldives.

Mission in 2001 on behalf of USAID to examind competitiveness of the ICT cluster and its positioning and strategy for competition in international markets. Mission in April 2002 on behalf of Sida to evaluate university computer networking project. Visit in October 2002 to teach workshop and deliver keynote speech at Sri Lanka Computer Conference. Professional visit in 2013.


Several visits in the early 1980s to assist the statistical office to use its computers effectively and to begin evolution to microcomputer based operations.


 Visited SIDA in 1974, visited in January 2001 as member of Conference Committee planning for INET 2001 in Stockholm, and participated in INET 2001 conference.

Organized Advanced Technology Workshop sponsored by the Internet Society and the Global Internet Policy Initiative for students from 25 developing countries iin conjunction with INET 2001.


Multiple visits during 1974-2000 to work at United Nations offices, organize and direct Internet Society training workshop and INET'98 conference. Multiple visits since then to Bern, Zurich and to WSIS-1 in Geneva and WSIS-2 in Tunis during 2003-2006 in connection with consulting work for the Swiss Government (SECO), and later to Geneva on UN, ICANN, and related business and conferences.


 Participated and spoke at IJMA-MENA Arab ICT Conference in Damascus in March 2011.


 Mission for United Nations in 1978 to assist Scandinavian team of census experts with computing issues.


 Co-directed a NATO regional workshop in Dushanbe in 2009 on the use of ICT for mitigation of natural disasters in the region.


 Multiple visits for United Nations projects, visits to ESCAP, and assessment of Bangkok as conference location.


 Mission in 1975 to assist United Nations computer training project.


 Gave keynote speech at Internet Week conference in Tunis, 2000. Participated in WSIS 2005 meetings and exposition as a member of the Swiss delegation. Participated and spoke at several professional conferences in Tunis during 2010-2013.


 Short visit in February 2004 to meet with GIPI coordinators. Tourist visit in late 2004. Participated in CEENet technical workshop in Istanbul in 2006, PIR Advisory Group retreat in Istanbul in 2009, and ICANN Board meetings held in 2011, 2014 and 2016.


 Visit in 1996 to assess aspects of International Science Foundation operation and projects, and to participate in network training workshop sponsored by American Physical Society. Visit in 2005 to consult with national GIPI coordinator, senior member of the new regulatory commission and others regarding structuring of the Ukranian telecomm sector. Lectured on information security at technical university in Kiev. In 2016 gave plenary speech atr Eastern Euro[ean DNS Forum.

United Arab Emirates

 Mission in 1981 to visit United Nations' sponsored National Computer Center project. Delivered keynote speech at Al-Ain University Conference, 1996.

United Kingdom

 Many visits as tourist, for various business issues, to attend professional conferences, and in support of development projects. Delivered lead paper at ONLINE 72 Conference in 1972. Vists in conjunction with expert witness role in civil litigation during 2003-2004. Participated in Web Foundation Board of Directors meeting in September 2009 and ICANN meeting in 2011


 Visit in 2002 to visit GIPI project and to discuss with Deputy Prime Minister Aripov the possibility of technical assistance to newly established ICT technical and policy unit in government.


 United Nations mission in 1981 studying information retrieval project for government, and keynote speech at Internet World Venezuela in 1998.


 Participated in pre-summit activities prior to Francophone summit in Hanoi in 1997. USAID mission in February 2003 in support of software industry cluster competitiveness initiative. Consulted with government officials and organized two CMM software workshops in April 2004. managed cybersecurity workshps for Laos, ASEAN and Vietnam in fall 2004. participated in national ICT Policy Workshop in Hue in December 2004. Deputy Chair, Education Commission for WITFOR (World Information Tecbnology Forum) Conference in Hanoi in August 2009.